polynomial 4

People arriving.

The party hall.

The premises, again.

From back to front: chaotic mind, GRiP/Istari, ?

CID/Istari taking a coke break from his code.

From (far) back to front: zYz, Prof/Comedy, Orbit/Comedy, Carebear/Comedy.

Gandalf doing some 3D modelling, Bytebender being silly.

Left to right: ?, Starfish/Reverse Logic, MajorCrap/Reverse Logic.

POK tracking. He actually won the music compo.

More tracking, this time by Wraith.

Tracking makes you tired!

Carcass/Black Death Order.

Lord Vader/Black Death Order, taking a nap.


Sorry, only the compo winners are available. The other results are long lost.


  1. "Sirap" by ProF/Comedy


  1. "Water" by P.O.K.

PC Demo

  1. Polynomial X^3.999979 by Contortion